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For a down-to-earth storage center that can safeguard your big boats and RVs, trust Big Lake Boat & RV Storage. Nothing is more relaxing than taking the boat or RV out and enjoying the beautiful Alaskan summer days, but during the long harsh winter months, you need someplace safe to stash away your things. We want to help you get to your happy place by taking care of the investments that matter most to you. It is not just your property that is at stake, but your peace of mind as well. We provide year round storage for all your boat, RV & recreational toys. Contact us today.

Big Lake Boat & RV Storage
15321 W. Northshore Drive
Big Lake, AK 99652

Phone: 907-892-6446

Facility Hours:
By appointment only.

Gate Hours:
Monday – Sunday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM